Tuesday, June 21, 2011

bitter point of view

Our society has rules.

You must follow these rules.

And all these rules are written by intelligent people.

And what does it mean ?

These rules are written by the most intelligent people and they make use of them.

Since stupid people aren't able to understand these rules, they will be hidden things.

These rules will continue to serve these intelligent people.

For example; taxes, salaries, insurance...

All these intelligent people will continue to mae them incomprehensible.

And stupid people will only have to try to understand their meaning.

You all thing that thingking is bothering.

So, all your life, you'll be cheated and you'lll pay alot!

Let's admit it ...

But it can't be helped!

Intelligent people will take benefit of this situation, and stupid people will be cheated and lose.

that's how our society works.

So, if you don't want to be cheated, if you don't want to lose, study!


Kids like you don't know anything about society

And you don't know anything because your parents have hidden it from you.

You don;t know how large are your possobilites.

You have no bases. And yo have a lot of wrong ideas.

If you think that someone else can change your life, you're a mistaking.

That's not how society works!

If you don't know that and if you wait to be rejected, your reality will only be discontentment and eternal regrets.


If you don't want to know this reality, walk on your own rules.

Understood ?

If you want to live without being cheated, study!


Sakuragi Kenji Speech,

Dragon Zakura, ep.1

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